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Your business is important to you and you want the best tools possible to create a marketing plan that will dominate the search terms that will get your business on the first page of Google’s results. Text¬ offers SEO managers, entrepreneurs, internet marketers, content writers, SEO agencies, bloggers and companies the ability to discover keywords that will place your content on the top position on the web. Look no further if you wish to corner the market on terms that will place your company over the competition.


We all know that Google has evolved into a monster that can either make or break your business. Internet marketers can no longer ignore the necessity of Google in sending web traffic to their companies. How successful your company is strictly relies on an excellent online marketing plan. With Text Tools, you can gain market dominance to stomp out the competition.


We can help you achieve dominance in your selected keywords if any of the following are true:

  • Your content is considered spam in the major search engines.
  • You are unable to pinpoint your target market.
  • You don’t already enjoy keyword dominance over the competition.
  •  Your content is spun.  


Scientific Tool Optimizes Your Content

Google will crush your business if it deems that the content you have created is spun, weak, or otherwise irrelevant to your niche. Through Text Tools, you will have an unparalleled opportunity to dominate your specific niche’s keywords. This creates an advantage for your business over your competitors so that you can spend your time managing your business. This gives you a smart, time saving way of scientifically optimizing your content.

Having an article which targets terms or a phrases that are relevant and unique to your niche will have the search engines sending web traffic your way in no time. Our algorithms work hard to find the term frequency, or TF, in the content of your competitors so that you can take your business to the next level. The algorithm takes into account the term frequency in the content in order to produce a list of quality results for your search terms.

Create Targeted Content For Your Niche

Having our service on your side can help you enjoy an unmatched advantage over the competition. It’s as simple as entering in a keyword and letting our service work for you. We analyze your selected keywords along with the text that you wish to rank and then provide you with a detailed report of semantically related terms that your competitors are using to achieve higher rankings in the search engines. Armed with this knowledge, you will be able to dominate your niche and get your company listed where it should be: ¬ on the first page of the search results. When you use the terms provided by our tool, you will see how your writing will break through the ranking barriers and dominate the competition.

We factor in long phrases that are taken from competitors in order to analyze what works so that you can duplicate it with ease. Whether the term is common or unique, long search terms have the ability to bring in web traffic that you would not be able to obtain through social media channels.

Analyze Your Market And Competitors

If you had a magic wand that you could wave to stealthily check out and analyze what your competitors were doing, wouldn’t you use it? With our algorithm, you can gain that insight into your competitors’ websites to see what they are doing to skyrocket their website’s traffic. With Text Tools, instead of barely staying afloat, you will be able to take over the niche. When you can thoroughly understand the market, you can provide readers and the search engines the type of quality of which they are looking. With Text Tools, it’s like having SEO magic in your pocket.

Create content with a bull’s eye approach so that you can target the market and knock out the competition. Your market will love you, but only if you first love it enough to show that you care about showing up in the rankings. By targeting the content to your market’s needs, you will show your sincerity and appeal to your market by demonstrating that you are serious about delivering value.

Get Better, More Stable Search Rankings

With our scientific optimization engine, you will be able to get better rankings in Google when compared to your competitors who are using poorly written content or backlinks. With our proven strategy, your content will soar above the competition, leaving your business on the front page of the search results.


Achieve Long-Term Results Through a White Hat SEO

We know that your business is worthwhile, and therefore in need of optimization methods that are long-term, effective and reputable. Text Tools is a quality white hat SEO, without any use of grey or black hat techniques.


Our formulas are geared to providing you with the ability to achieve the top rankings in search results. Our semantic analysis is based on the well known formulas that are used by SEO experts and internet marketers. Our TF-¬IDF or WDF-¬IDF formula allows us the ability to calculate the quality of the selected text. This helps us to scientifically understand the text provided and provide you with solutions that will dominate the rankings. TF-IDF is keyword density done right and outperforms other techniques. Regular keyword density simply attempts to bump content through methods that make your content look undeniably like spam. TF-IDF uses imaginative content and extensive research to powerfully and legitimately rank you above your competitors. Proper TF-IDF SEO is the essential key to giving you the ability to crush the competition

Synonyms and Close Variants

Using semantically related terms provided by our system, you can diversify the search term selection in order to outsmart the competition and remain valuable with regard to the richness of the keywords. Relevant search terms keep your content at the top of the search engine’s results.


Targeting similar keywords to your niche, search engines will expect the occurrence of related terms to be included. As an example, if you target “how to play Fallout 4,” search engines expect the occurrence of similar terms such as “game,” “character,” or “bethesda.” We will provide you with a list of these terms to include for your best benefit.

Our analysis supports the following languages and countries:   US   EN   DE   FR   IT   NL   ES   CA   MX   IE   AU   AT   CH



Great service, truChristian ingenious. Thank you!

Christian G, German Internet Marketer

Richard Seo Worx Text Tools is absolute gold for finding those hidden related terms & keywords! It’s one of our secret weapons at Seo Worx. Being able to easily compare a site’s term weight to the top 10 results is invaluable.

Richard Brus - Seo Worx


Improve your Onpage SEO

Through our company, you will get much better and stable search engine rankings. Our business model is based on your on¬page Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We will not give you fake backlinks, but instead quality keywords that Google will love. If you’ve been in internet marketing for any length of time, you will know that Google prefers great content over backlinks.

You are free to write what you want once you know the search terms that will improve your on-page SEO. It is a fact that long posts are always great for your web presence, but super-charging what you write with TF-¬IDF terms will put you miles above anyone else in the same niche.

Through Text Tools, you will learn how easy it is to use our system so that you can cruise to the first page of the search results. Getting started is as easy as 1¬2¬3: .

1. Submit Analysis Job
Give us a keyword and the targeted country or language.
2. Wait A Couple Of Minutes
Grab yourself a cup of coffee and relax while we do the complicated mathematical calculations for you.
3. Analyze Charts
Get the data and find out how your competitors are ranking high, use our semantic analysis, and rock your niche!
Allow us to dazzle you with our detailed analysis today. Your business deserves it and so do your website’s visitors. Why settle for “good” when you can have complete excellence? Contact us today for a quote and we’ll tell you how we can work our magic for you!

Find sematically related searches with our build-in keyword tool.

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It’s so simple to improve your content & get better results:

Submit Analysis Job

Provide us with your keyword (search term) and specify language & target country

Wait a Couple of Minutes

Grab a coffee as we gather the data and perform heavy computations.

Analyze Charts

Analyze your competition and gain valuable insights on how to improve your content.

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Gain insights into how high-ranking competitors achieve their results
Gain insights into how high-ranking competitors achieve their results by scientifically comparing their content to yours.

Live, on-page analysis can show your results before you even publish your text.

Get suggestions which phrases you should add to your text to make it more competitive.

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The Text Tools formula and how it boosts your search results.


Text Tools is a content optimization app based on a scientific formula known as WDF*IDF (or TF-IDF) that calculates the quality of a body of text – such as on a webpage.

The formula has been used successfully by top SEO’s and marketers in around the globe to increase the relevance of website content, and to make that content more discoverable to search engines.

A lot of people are using Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI),TF-IDF or Google Suggest interchangeably. To analyze the data, we are using a derivate and more accurate Formular of the TF-IDF formular: WDF-IDF. 

The analysis is actually not as innovative as the SEOs worldwide treat the topic. The origins of the analysis go back to the seventies, even though they naturally were not drawn for search engines or other rankings. However the formula and the calculation of terms on which the analysis is based dates back to the seventies.

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The WDF-IDF analysis consists of two components:

Within Document Frequency – WDF

WDF describes the term weighting within a document. The term stands for the keyword which appears in a certain frequency in the text. This principle could represent the customary keyword density, however, WDF at the same time operates with a correction value which then allows for a uniform reference to result. In addition WDF is limited by the

Inverse Document Frequency – IDF

This area of the analysis does not only concentrate on one single document but refers the weighting of a certain term in the collection of documents analyzed.

The entire principle is expressed in a formula which will, with the exception of mathematicians, probably confuse many people:


A more comprehensive explanation is available on